Lexmark, Dell and HP have started using chips with serial numbers. If the new compatible cartridge being installed happens to have the same serial number as the one being replaced, then the printer will not recognize the new cartridge. Here is our factories solution for solving the non-recognition problem. When you receive a message to “Upgrade Your Firmware” it is not a good idea to do so as this effectively kills the compatible chip and the printer will not read the chip. Be sure that your printer is not set to “Automatically Upgrade Firmware”.




When each chip on the cartridge is designed with several serial numbers and the cartridge is not recognized, you can open and close the printer cover one time and it’ll jump to a different serial number. Once recognized, the serial number will be fixed and will not change to next one.  They regularly update the cartridge chips with new serial numbers.



  1. Remove problem cartridge from printer.
  2. Turn off printer and unplug from power source for about 5 mintues.
  3. Re-install cartridge you removed.
  4. Plug in printer and turn on.
  5. Cartridge should be okay, but even if you get a message that the cartridge is not installed go ahead and try to print. If it does not print try one of the steps below.



1, If the previous cartridge has serial number A and is replaced with a cartridge that has a chip with a different serial number then it will work fine and print for the full life of the cartridge.

2, If the previous cartridge is replaced with a cartridge with the same serial number it can still print but the supplies status page will say “old cartridge”.

3, If the previous cartridge is empty (printed to life’s end) then the replacement cartridge having the same serial number will also be recognized as “empty”. You may get a message displayed that reads, “used toner cartridge installed” or “counterfeit toner cartridge installed”. You need to click “OK” and the cartridge should allow you to print for the life of the cartridge.


If all fails then we will replace the cartridge you purchased from Speedyinktoner.com, no problem.