If you are looking at relative information to decide where you will be buying your toner cartridges and you see the term ISO, have you ever wondered what the term “ISO” means? Well, the word “iso” is a Greek word meaning ‘equal, balanced and equitable; however, when you see the acronym “ISO” as it relates to your toner cartridges, it is the“International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
The ISO standard ensures that the stated cartridge yields of printers are comparable by specifying a set of common testing parameters and conditions. There is no guarantee that everyone will get the same yields stated since page coverage varies. Page coverage is what actually determines your page yield and is almost always based on 5% coverage.You can expect to obtain yields that are similar to the ISO declared yields if you are printing what is considered normal office printing applications. If you are printing pages with excessive text and/or pictures that are beyond the standard 5% coverage, then of course the page yield will be fewer then the ISO standard.
Coverage analysis has consistently shown that in office environments, the average black-and-white page coverage is in the range of 4% to 5%. However, it is not unusual for office applications to run above or below that average. In general, pages with significant dark or shaded areas (logos or pictures) or a large amount of fine print will generate area coverage higher than 5%. Other factors that can reduce toner cartridge yield include higher temperature, higher humidity levels and using a higher print resolution setting.
So when you see that the company your buying from has the ISO designation on your cartridge then you know that the cartridge you’re purchasing meets the standard guidelines and specifications of the “International Organization for Standardization (ISO). SpeedyInkToner delivers ISO products with many of them manufactured in the U.S.A.