We want to answer a frequently asked question about page yields: “Why my cartridge will not yield me the number of pages as advertised?” In fact, in most cases it probably is delivering the proper number of prints and we hope the following explanation will help clarify this question.
     The international standard yield of 5% coverage was established so that all manufacturers of ink and toner cartridges would have a way of estimating the life of the product using a common testing method. The standard of 5% coverage means that you should expect up to so many pages when printing with an 8 point text that covers only 5% of the page.
     Page Yields are only given so that an industry standard testing method can approximate the number of pages a cartridge should deliver. 
When printing graphs, photos and pages using a large or  a BOLD text, you should expect the estimated page yields to decrease due to the increased amount of ink/toner needed to product the text/image. However, none of us always print pages using the same text, pictures, etc, so yields will always vary accordingly.
     Yields are primarily determined by each individual user and will vary depending on how heavy your text is, ie; BOLD TEXTCOLOR TEXTPICTURESGRAPHS, SINGLE SPACED TEXT that covers the entire page. 
    Any one of these varying fonts, etc., will require more toner/ink to be delivered from your cartridge and will consequently reduce the “page yield” that it is estimated to deliver. We hope this explanation will give you the confidence that you are truly getting the page yields as advertised. And remember, a compatible toner and ink will give you a considerable savings with every print…and that really is something to take into consideration! That’s why SpeedyInkToner sells only “The Highest Quality Compatible Products at the Lowest Price Possible!”